Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh dear...

Hello again!
It's been a while and I have absolutely no excuse for not posting anything except for that I suck at keeping up with things. UGH... THE STRUGGLE.

                    Moving on from that...


My sister-in-law sometimes watches a baby and a toddler and when she can't, my mom does. Adding onto this little story, my 15 year old cousin has been staying with us for the past week to help out with some projects around the house. The other day the baby was throwing a fit while my mother was in the other room getting something for him and my cousin barges into my room (without knocking) and tells me that I need to get out here and take care of the baby. I was literally so shocked that he said that to me that it took me a good 30-45 seconds before I could reply.

It was like something just snapped in me. I told him that "it is not solely a woman's job to take care of a child and that how dare he assume that just because I am a girl I will automatically jump into the role and that men can care for children just like a woman can and that he is old enough to not only know better than to think that but to also just take care of the baby and not try and get someone else to take care of it."

Obviously I was pissed and I feel like I had a good reason too. I understand that lots of people think differently than I do on the topic of gender roles and I appreciate the differences. In this day and age, with equality such a big topic in our lives and culture, that the younger generations (especially) shouldn't be pushing their assumptions onto others. This is 2013 for gods sake.

No man (no matter how old) can tell a woman where her place is. I wouldn't want that for my daughter (if I have one)  and I sure as hell don't want my nephews to grow up and think that they can tell a girl what to do and just expect her to do the "woman jobs".

Is society so focused on equality in love that we are losing sight of  the other aspects of being equal humans?
Am I alone in feeling this? Are women being pushed to the back-burner?

*lets out long breath*
Okay, I'm done with that... I'm so sorry if this was annoying, it was just something that I could not stop thinking about.

I'm going to go play scrabble and drink coffee.

 If you read this, I LOVE YOU!